About me

Part 1

I bought some clothes in New Look,

leggings and a smocky top

with lacy pockets,

I felt about seventeen

My daughter was even vaguely approving

when I added the angora cardi

that Grandma Betty sent

Part 2

I am over-qualified, and under paid

but not for what I do

for what I feel capable of.

I want to rule the world

think I could make a good job of it.

I am arrogant and judgemental

but only inside my head

outside I am thoughtful and considerate

but can’t help feeling

a bit of a fraud.

I feel pretentious when I write poetry

(the worst of crimes,

I would laugh in my own face)

which is why

I don’t tell anyone.

And when words flow out of my head

I feel smug

at what I think are neat lines

and irritated by the trite ones

but cling to them



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