higher power?

August 25, 2013 at 10:59 am (Uncategorized)

I step out in the morning without concern

in spite of a lack of winged guardian

watching over me,

nor do I hang from my keys

the preserved limb of some furry friend

to ensure protection against the evil eye.

The power of the four leaf clover

is a mystery I am content to live without.

Coins stay securely in my pocket

when I pass a wishing well,

and shooting stars are safe from unreasonable demands.

I glibly walk under ladders

take the number 13 bus

and seek out the frequented routes of black cats.

My fingers remain firmly uncrossed

at the prospect of the lottery draw,

I accept the mathematical odds against success,

it is pure chance.

When observing the twinkling lights in the sky at night

they are but burning balls of gas

in far distant galaxies.

Luck is not with me

nor does fate deal me cruel blows

and karma is just the haphazard happenings

in a random universe.

God neither provides

nor does he vent his wrath upon me,

the benign smile of Buddha

is merely a smile.

I do not ask for help

or feel obliged to give thanks.

A truth more frightening

is that the world is unpredictable chaos.


is in control.

( I lump all superstitions, beliefs and religions in together, they are all part of the same human need to find an explanation for things that happen. Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, ‘bad things’ don’t happen, ‘things’ just happen, it is human beings that apply the labels good and bad to the events. I hope that I have managed to have a little poke at everyone, so nobody feels singled out for criticism or persecution.)


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