valentine poem

February 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm (Uncategorized)

the image haunts me unexpectedly
when I catch sight of it
though it does not bring tears to my eyes
like the first time
a bruised child
trying to make sense of everything
gone wrong
a careless parody of teenage love-hearts
with names entwined
this one is broken
brutally torn apart
the words mum and dad
irreparably separated

Linking back to ‘The Poetry Bus’ driven this week by The Bug



  1. The Bug said,

    What a sad tale – and an all too common one!

    • Pete said,

      Very very understated this. And all the more powerful because of it.

  2. emerging writer said,

    Yes, The understateness gets you in the gut

  3. totalfeckineejit said,

    Agreed the subtlety packs a harder punch. That’s a tough one, very well written.

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