June 27, 2010 at 9:47 am (Uncategorized)

The Poetry Bus this week is feeding the pixies where the challenge is to folow, or alternatively not follow, or reinterpret, a sign, and see where it took you. The idea immediately brought to mind the Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken (which apparently he come to dislike because it was so popular and always requested at readings), the idea that paths that you take have unforeseen and unpredictable consequences. This was my choice yesterday evening, we followed a familiar route and the signal dictated the consequences, sometimes even small consequences matter.

Signal Down

we take the footpath to the old stone bridge

crossing the railway by the sheep field.

looking along the straight empty track

you notice the signal is down

a train is on it’s way

so we wait to see it pass,

and while we wait

we kiss

like teenagers

up against the stone parapet

in the evening sunshine

and I find I had forgotten

amongst the mundane routines of life

this perfect pleasure

the warmth and taste of you

with a delicious thrill

of potential discovery.

this quiet path


leading nowhere very much

takes us where we need to go.



  1. Rachel Fox said,

    Ah…the teenage kiss!

  2. Gwei Mui said,

    We kiss…
    A great journey, beautiful and slightly sad

  3. Pete said,

    A very simple verse but one that I imagine will strike a chord with many people. There’s something about watching trains pass that conjures thoughts of future plans and romance

  4. jinksy said,

    Moments waiting for a train to pass can be tiny havens in a busy life – I enjoyed this pause.

  5. David King said,

    Simple, direct and moving. It has and does all that a poem should.

  6. Peadar TotalFeckinEEjit O'Donoghue said,

    Love the juxtaposition of the fleeting train passing and you beeing in the moment static and just where you would liketo be.Lovely romantic poem.

  7. Peadar TotalFeckinEEjit O'Donoghue said,

    Beeing? Is that a sting in the tale?

  8. Don't Feed The Pixies said,

    I really liked this – it kind of reminded me of the Roger McGough poem “Waving At Trains”, but from a really fresh point of view – i particularly liked the idea of their little secret world and fear of discovery. Brilliant

  9. Argent said,

    Very nice. ‘Takes us where we need to go’. I nicely tantalising finish to a rather poignant piece.

  10. karen said,

    This is, indeed, a poignant piece. Makes me nostalgic, as it should.

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