Jesus Haiku

June 20, 2010 at 7:29 pm (Uncategorized) ()

The Poetry Bus driven this week by Kat at Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes, visit for more thoughts on the destruction this week of a rather bizarre statue. Mine is an instinctive gut reaction.


gone in a conflagration

God has taste after all



  1. Poetikat said,

    I like it! Cuts to the chase and delivers. Good job.


    P.S. I’m not much of a political animal.

  2. Argent said,

    Yes! I’ll say a big amend to that!

  3. Argent said,

    I meant to say ‘Amen’.

  4. Enchanted Oak said,

    Argent’s typo just cracked me up. A big Amend she had to make, too. Now I must go back and read your haiku again….
    That final line is a killer. Nicely done! Leaves me feeling strangely happy….

  5. Niamh B said,

    Nice one, the story captured in such a tight poem!

  6. Peadar TotalFeckinEEjit O'Donoghue said,

    I really likes this! And considering that I’m the President of PAH (poets against Haiku) that’s really saying smething!!!

  7. said,

    Love it – so true!

  8. Titus said,

    A big amend! Of course it was.
    Succinct, clever, really does the job. And it is cheering too. Nice one!

  9. Pete said,

    Amend to all of the above!

  10. karen said,

    This is perfect!

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