April 10, 2010 at 4:50 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Friends Reunited reunited us

for just a moment,

after 30 years.

We were once best of friends

but I remember very little now.

We did not chat girly stuff

I never saw her in a dress.

I recall doing her latin homework

while her mum vacuumed the bed

(she was allergic).

Her sister had the most beautiful hair,

long, white blond and gently wavy.

I coveted it.

Hers was a harsh boyish cut

and her body always seemed awkward,


her stance almost hunched

fighting against the inevitable blossoming.

She would poke me viciously

with her long fingers

for no apparent reason,

or wrestle me to the ground

then sit on me and  hold me down.

All she told me was that

she worked in television,

never married

and had moved to the country

so she could keep a dog.

And she was taking up gardening.

I never wrote back.

All I really wanted to know was

did she ever admit to being gay?

(I counted down from the top of my e-mail inbox and found the name of a former school friend and a very old message, and the title came from my most recent message at the bottom of the inbox.)

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  1. Evalinn said,

    Interesting story! Now in the era of facebook, I have quite a few eperiences similar to that!

  2. Niamh said,

    Thanks for that interesting and thought provoking poem.

    I like these lines:

    “and her body always seemed awkward,


    her stance almost hunched

    fighting against the inevitable blossoming”

    – I think we all go through a phase of that

  3. TotalFeckinEEjit said,

    Intersting story in the poem and a strong ending punch line.Well done crazy Field Mouse!

  4. Titus said,

    I liked the truth of the strange, unrelated memories we have of people from long ago, almost always tied to incidents. And I liked the way voice was given to the suspicion at the end. The “All I really wanted to know…” is lovely.

  5. Poetikat said,

    The last line is a jolt, but well executed. I liked the image of the memory of her mom vacuuming the bed – I’ve actually done that!


  6. Argent said,

    It’s interesting how your ‘best friend’ did some fairly mean things – mine did too, now I tihnk back on it. I enjoyed the succession of memories and the strong ending very much.

  7. Pete said,

    Ah, she sounds lonely. I wonder why the sexuality aspect is the thing we hone in on, not the friendship, humour, career etc. A beautifully written piece.

  8. karen said,

    Good question – good story.

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