Poetry Bus again

April 2, 2010 at 8:01 am (Uncategorized) ()

(I chose this image from the ones that Swiss offered as inspiration for this week’s Poetry Bus. My initial reaction to it was that it resembled a woman’s womb and ovaries, but with a somewhat ghostly quality, or like a wisp of smoke, so that was my starting point.)


down the hall I hear distant echos

the footfalls of children who never were

whispers of existence so faint

the ticking of my watch would drown them out.

My smile reaches out to stroke

the downy skin of babies unborn

the scent of them drifts past just out of reach

a sigh scatters their essence into the ether.

I cannot see their faces

obscured as they are by another history

though my belly longs for each of them.

I inhale and absorb the thought

the idea of what they might have been.



  1. Rachel Fox said,

    A ghost poem! Effective too.
    Are you the first one out to play this week? I think you might be.

  2. Evalinn said,

    Great poem, thank you for sharing!

  3. Poetikat said,

    You’ve evoked ‘The Turn of the Screw” for me here. Very nicely done.

  4. Argent said,

    Beatiful and wistful. True poetry.

  5. swiss said,

    that ticking watch is rather lovely

  6. Pure Fiction said,

    Very haunting, cfm. And beautifully simple too.

  7. TotalFeckinEEjit said,

    Sad and haunting and beautiful and stark and simple and this line- ….. ‘ whispers of existence so faint the ticking of my watch would drown them out.’….WOW!

  8. Pete said,

    The belly line is the giveaway. I found this poem beautifully ethereal but very very sad.

  9. Titus said,

    I echo TFE’s highlighted line – astonishing writing.
    And as haunting as the best ghost stories, but sadder.

    I saw the womb and ovaries in the picture too, but actually went with what it was.

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