the other woman

March 28, 2010 at 8:35 am (Uncategorized)

i can’t compete with the other woman

in his life

he yearns for her

in ways i barely understand

she offers pleasures indescribable

experiences beyond the physical

purely cerebral stimulation

never messy and unpredictable

he plans and schemes

how to manipulate her

adapt her to his own devices

she is

on his mind

when i irritatingly ask

what are you thinking?

they share a past

and a future

ongoing through her many and various


the shell of her predecessor gathers dust

but her essence endures


endlessly renewing


(she would never forget his birthday)

the focus of his attention

on her details

absorbed in fascination

with the minutiae of

her intricate abilities

her most intimate workings

she can be whatever

he wants her

to be

i can only be




  1. Mama Zen said,

    Sounds like my husband and his iPhone!

  2. pat.thistlethwaite said,

    I wonder who, or what she is! Sounds a bit like the relationship between my husband and our dog! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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