unforeseen (thirteenth draft)

March 26, 2010 at 7:32 am (Uncategorized) ()

Little did proud Mr and Mrs Babbage know

in their moment of elation

at young Charles’ creation

that the engines of his imagination

would spawn

this modern day revolution

a transformation

of our social relations

and communication

from the mere written word

and telephone conversation

to mass participation

with binary notation

a celebration of congregation

(ok, with frequent frustration)

so there is a distinct correlation

between his fascination

and experimentation

and our conjugation

so he is guilty by association

of bringing you

to me.

(The Poetry Bus this week is being driven by Rachel Fox, this link for how to join in, or her home page on Monday 29th to read contributions)

(Word taken from the lyric “in ways that are yet as of now unforeseen” from the Suzanne Vega song ‘Song in Red and Grey’)

(Now not sure if it is worse to put an esoteric reference in a poem and assume that people will be educated enough to understand it, or to add a little footnote and risk people feeling patronised. Anyway, will risk the latter and point out that Charles Babbage is credited as being ‘the father of the modern computer’.)



  1. Dominic said,

    What a good one!

    I’m reminded I recently read a book about “Turing Machines” – also interesting to anyone interested in the forerunners to the modern computer.

  2. karen said,

    Great poem – all the links are there for us to click! You could have used this for the ReadWritePoem challenge, too – conjugation fits right in.

  3. Enchanted Oak said,

    Very, very smart and funny!

  4. Jeanne said,

    Crazy field mouse, reading this calls for libation in celebration for this poetic expression of such innovation in the realm of communication… !
    Oh, btw, I really love your page’s formatting!

  5. Rachel Fox said,

    Lovely neat ending – makes such a contrast to the rest.

  6. Ann said,

    great poem.

  7. TotalFeckinEEjit said,

    Clever and funny! ‘ Engines of imagination ‘ are a delightful concept. Bueno!

  8. Niamh said,

    Nice choice of word, interesting alignment too – suits the poem

  9. Titus said,

    Really liked this cfm. Laughter, sound and a message – and clever too!

  10. emerging writer said,

    I do like the correlation. Thanks

    • crazyfieldmouse said,

      thanks for stopping by everyone, this has been another excellent Bus, Rachel took us down an interesting road.
      Confess the alignment is just to give a bit of visual variety to the blog:-)
      much love

  11. the watercats said,

    clever clever!.. lol.. love it! quirky goodness.. and also makes an excellent rap song 🙂

  12. Pete said,

    Imaginative format and imaginative subject matter! Very well worked!

  13. Argent said,

    I was thinking of the poem as a rap, too! It barrels along beautifully! And the ending…superb!

  14. NanU said,

    I like it. I’m gonna print it out and tape it to my office wall.

    • crazyfieldmouse said,

      dear nanu
      the deepest compliment, that you might share my offering with the wider world
      thank you

  15. Pure Fiction said,

    Very clever. I love the language and the ending is just great.

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