haphazard life

March 16, 2010 at 5:01 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I throw the dinner together

in a haphazard fashion.

Something from the freezer

perhaps with dumplings on top,

or left over bolognase

fashioned artfully into a lasagne.

And if the fridge is really vacant

there are eggs,

or pasta.

I intended to be so organised

but somehow I lost my way.

So we are left with strange choices,

the contents of the cupboard

the result of random wanderings

down supermarket aisles,

lots of tomato puree, peanut butter (smooth and chunky)

and some very old pudding rice.

Like the way I found you

and ended up here,

pure chance,

the haphazard result of

random meandering

down life’s aisles.


1 Comment

  1. ozymandiaz said,

    I used to have a kitchen like that
    Now I plan meticulously
    never shop on the middle isles
    purchase fresh produces for carfully crafted meals
    cast it all into the compost the next week
    as it has rotted awaiting me to use it

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