the stella poem

March 15, 2010 at 7:00 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

She  was wearing Stella McCartney,

but there was something in the way she moved,

and I knew that,

though I’d been away so long

I hardly knew the place,

I would be sleeping like a log.

It’s beautiful,

and so are you,

I smiled reassuringly,

but do you think that money is heaven sent?

Living is easy with eyes closed,

she replied

but man, I had a dreadful flight,

and now today I find that you have changed your mind.

You made a fool of everyone,

I blurted out.

Does this mean you don’t love me any more?

Would you stand up and walk out on me?

she demanded.

You are misunderstanding all you see,

I say,

sleep pretty darling, do not cry,

for with every mistake we must surely be learning.

We are all lonely people,

she cried

where do we come from?

Can we work it out?

A noise came from behind,

but to keep my mind from wandering

I sat on her rug, biding my time,

for all we need is love.

(Linking back to The Poetry Bus, where the challenge this week involved reference to the two ‘Stellas’, but I know nothing of the other so was left only with McCartney)



  1. Poetikat said,

    Ooh, I like the way you interwove those McCartney-bits into the fabric of this piece. It was all so seamless that I failed to realize until I hit, “Living is easy…”


  2. TotalFeckinEEjit said,

    Ya made it! Nicely done too I like this, will have toread itb again.Didn’yt notice the beatley stuff till the end line.I likes this!! A yabba and a a dabba ana doo!

  3. Argent said,

    Cleverrrrr!!! Love it!

  4. Pete said,

    Will you be writing more in a week or two?
    That was one MMT of a poem!

  5. Karen said,

    Great take on the prompt, and I love the Beatles lines. (Did you read my valentine’s poem about Sir Paul?) Since I’m a fan, I got it right away, but I want to go back and read again to enjoy the seamless way you blended those lines into this!

  6. crazy field mouse said,

    Thanks so much folks. It felt really lame to pinch other people’s words, but after spending ages shifting lines around I was quite pleased with the way it flowed.
    Do love your ode to Paul, Karen. My brother once said if he could wish for anything it would be to appear anonymously in the background of the Abbey Road cover:-)
    This has been such an excellent Bus, people have had real fun with the idea.
    much love

  7. Titus said,

    I enjoyed this, and the cleverness of the original idea then took on its own life with the placement of the lines – it really became its own poem. Nice one, cfm.

  8. the watercats said,

    Love the link back to the beatles there, and found this quite esoteric to read.. I think.. time seemed to stand still and I felt I was being gifted some sort of wisdom… very beautiful 🙂

  9. NanU said,

    excellent! i think it’s my favorite of all the stellas.

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