how do I love thee?

February 13, 2010 at 7:02 pm (Uncategorized) ()

let me count the ways

one two three four

that you drive me crazy

five six seven eight

dirty underwear scattered

nine ten eleven twelve

relentless channel flicking

thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen

never really answering

seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

a question you don’t like the sound of

twenty one twenty two twenty three

your resistance to change

twenty four twenty five twenty six

of any kind

twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine

secret fears you will never share

thirty thirty one thirty two

leaving me all at sea

thirty three thirty four thirty five

when I reach out to you

thirty six thirty seven thirty eight

but then

thirty nine forty

I think of you

forty one forty two

anticipating my return

forty three forty four

and your smile

forty five forty six

lighting up when I arrive

forty seven forty eight

so when I count the steps

forty nine

home from work


I am always so glad that you are there



  1. TotalFeckinEEjit said,

    Welcome aboard crazy field mouse, no cats on this bus ( only a Kat and Titus the dog) so there’s no need to fear.Originality in abundance here , I like lists and steps 49 or 50 I’m totally liking this poem, neato! Keep shakin that grass! Fabbadabba doooo!

  2. Jeanne said,

    Awwww…. I was wondering where this ocd counting would lead…very sweet!

  3. Poetikat said,

    Sheer brilliance!


  4. Rachel Fox said,

    This is really charming. On first read I was disappointed with the neat ending…then I read it again and was a bit more open-minded. It’s full of contrast. And I like the underwear detail!

  5. Moira said,

    Loved it! Some parts really resonated with me, “relentless channel flicking” def!

  6. Argrnt said,

    I love neat things like this! Very witty and well-observed methinks.

  7. emerging writer said,

    I like it – neat and not cloying.

  8. willow said,

    love all those ways

  9. Titus said,

    Hi, crazy field mouse! I really enjoyed this, and the short, sharp insights into a realtionship which are intimate and yet so recognisible. I liked the counting device too.
    Good one!

  10. Pure Fiction said,

    This is lovely and gentle . In the beginning I was wondering where you were going with the counting, but the ending was sweet and clever and brought it all together.

  11. Karen said,

    Hello! I really enjoyed this and could identify in every way! Are they all alike? Aren’t we lucky? Most of the time?

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